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At the age of 29, Tennille was diagnosed with type 1 juvenile diabetes. She spent the following months educating herself on the chronic disease, with the support of the staff of the Diabetes Education Centre at Toronto Western Hospital. Now, part of her passion is to help raise money for those living with the disease through the Sugar Free Paintings Collection.


Sugar Free Paintings Poems & Prescriptions is Tennille Rose Will's first book. It contains both artwork Tennille created within her first year as a diagnosed type 1 diabetic, and pages from the journal she kept as she learnt more about the disease. She created it to be used as a tool - to educate newly diagnosed diabetics who often become overwhelmed with information. She also hopes that it can serve as inspiration to them as well - she strongly feels that although living with diabetes is difficult, by no means does it mean you have to give up on your life goals and dreams.


In purchasing this book, you are supporting the estimated 246 million people worldwide affected by diabetes, by educating yourself about the disease and sharing the information with the people in your life, which is the first step in finding a cure. You also directly support the hundreds of diabetics in Toronto, as proceeds go to the Diabetes Education Centre at Toronto Western Hospital.



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